Tracey has accompanied, performed with, recorded, produced, and arranged for countless individuals and groups. Just a few of them are as follows:


Doug Anderson 

Anthony Burger’s Pianoramas

Roger Bennett’s Pianoramas 

Beyond The Ashes

Terry Blackwood 

Brian Free and Assurance

Christ Tabernacle, NYC

Collingsworth Family

Crabb Family 

Cumberland Quartet 

Ellen Donaldson (Commemorating the work of her father, Tin Pan Alley songwriter Walter Donaldson.) 

Adam Elrod 

Ernie Haase and Signature Sound

Skip Ewing

Terry Franklin 

Gaither Homecoming Videos

Gaither Vocal Band

Gatlin Brothers 

Greater Vision

Wayne Haun

Mylon Hayes Family

Ty Herndon 

Jake Hess



Calvin Hunt 

Lewis Family

Mark Trammell Trio

Mark Trammell Quartet

Joyce Martin 

Gene McDonald 

Devin McGlamery 

Cody McVey 


Old Paths Quartet

Janet Paschal 

Michael Passons (Avalon) 


Prague Philharmonic, Czech Republic


Jessica Simpson 

Josh Simpson 

Reggie and Ladye Love Smith

Mike Speck 

Allison Durham Speer

Ben Speer

Speer Family

Kirk Talley 

Tanglewood Church 

Josh Turner 

Here's what people say about Tracey: 

"Tracey Phillips is brilliant!"

"Tracey is awesome — I would go back to Stamps-Baxter just to hear more of her."

"I first heard Tracey play during her stint with The Perrys. She blew us away."

"As a pastor if I had an unlimited budget I would call Tracey Phillips TODAY and ask her what salary she would require to become staff musician at our church. Nobody - NOBODY- sets such a variety of moods by mastering such a variety of styles. She is unequalled."

"There are certainly people in any field who have come to be called the best at what they do. If you're looking for the best in my field, you wouldn't look anywhere but here. God has used Tracey in my life to open door after door after door for me. Anytime I sit down at the piano or arrange a song, you see the legacy of Tracey Phillips. And how many other young men and women all over the country (and the world even) have been touched by the gifts God gave this woman. I speak for them all when I say we're grateful."

"Tracey opened up music to me in a way I had never been exposed to before." 

"Little did I know that God would orchestrate it so I could actually take piano lessons from Tracey. I learned instantly that one doesn't have to go to Disney World in order for dreams to come true."

"Tracey explained music theory in a simple way to me and made my college classes so much easier." 

"Tracey has inspired me in ways no one else has. Every piano lesson and class that I've taken from her has been absolutely amazing." 

"...incomparable accompaniment during music school." 

"Tracey helped me remember why I loved music in the first place." 

"She truly turned my world upside down when she fixed my left hand to feature inverted chords rather than those muddy root position chords."

"Tracey turned music theory into a game and made me excited about it." 

"I had the honor of attending in the summer of 2005. I was in Tracey's theory class. Just another person that can say my life was changed by Stamps- Baxter! I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world!"

"At least, this is what’s possible when you’re accompanied by a musician of the caliber of Tracey Phillips, who is arguably southern gospel’s greatest living pianist. Leonard Bernstein 
once conducted an entire piece with his eyebrows, but I suspect even he wouldn’t have been able not to wave his hands at least a little if Phillips had been playing."

"Tracey can intuit any style."

"Tracey is among the best of the best pianists in Southern Gospel. She is incredible. She belongs to the class of pianists that aren’t showy players, but every time they sit down to a piano, they produce music that includes amazing theory and enough licks to keep you listening."

"My goodness, I love Tracey on piano. She is perfection. Eloise and Tracey are two of the best musicians around. Both in this video are simply divine! I found myself wishing the people would quit singing so they could really shine."

"I often listen to Tracey’s “Old Time Religion” CD (you should get it!), and enjoy it greatly, but it simply doesn’t match the vitality, artistry and creativity she displays when accompanying a room full of good singers — nor does listening to it match the pleasure one gets from singing in a group she accompanies."